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A Secret Sense im Voting der Goitzsche Welle Charts:




One of the Top 5 bands: This week A Secret Sense was announced as one of the Top 5 Scoring Bands on the internetradio The anouncement is rewarding the artists who resonate most with the 7 Million listeners on It´s great to be under the 5 picked stuff artists who receive explicit Promotion in the jango newsletter:) 



Auszeichnung als eine der Top 5 Bands: Diese Woche wurde A Secret Sense als eine der Top 5 Scoring Bands beim Internetradio ausgezeichnet und erhielt somit, als eine 5 Top Scoring Bands, die exklusive Promotion über der weltweiten newsletter. 


09.04.2010 Top Higlight!!!

Top 10!!!: Today A Secret Sense entered the top 10 in the musicload album charts, reaching chart position 7 with "The Piano Solo"



Top 10!!!: Das Album "The Piano Solo" hat in den Musicload Top 10 der Album Charts die Position 7 erreicht.






breaking news: A Secret Sense reached the charts again.

Today "The Piano Solo" entered the musicload Top 100 Charts, reaching chart position 95


Sensationelle Neuigkeiten;

A Secret Sense hat wieder einen Charteinstieg in die Musicload Top 100 Charts und hat dort die Platzierung 95 erreicht.




Dear Listeners of A Secret Sense - I´d ike to thank you for being fans of our music, for all the nice shouts you´ve posted, for your nice mails and as well for buying our music (which makes it in the end possible to continue producing and publishing new songs).

I wish all of you a sparkling, healthy and successful new near.

Furthermore I´d like to give you a short outlook to the planned activities of A Secret Sense:

At the moment I´m composing new songs for the further instrumental album "River flows in you" which sould be released soon.

Next year it´s also planned to start a new studio recording session for another vocal album called "Precious and Rare".  As soon as there are more details you can read about them here or you can also subscribe (by using the contact folder) to be on the distribution list for brand new information. Cheers and have a good start in 2010. Stephan


Liebe Fans von A Secret Sense - Herzlichen Dank für die Unterstützung, für Euer Feedback, all die netten Mails und persönlichen Kontakte und letztendlich auch, dass Ihr die Musik gekauft habt und somit neue Studioprojekte ermöglicht. Ich wünsche Euch allen ein wundervolles, neues Jahr, vor allem Gesundheit und viel Erfolg in Euren Vorhaben.

Hier mal noch ein kurzer Ausblick, was Euch die nächste Zeit so über A Secret Sense erwartet:

Im Moment bin ich dabei, neue songs zu komponieren und hoffe, dass das neue Instrumentalalbum "River flows in you" bald veröffentlicht werden kann.

Weiterhin ist geplant nächstes Jahr wieder ins Studion zu gehen und mit der Produktion des besungenen Albums "Precious and Rare" zu beginnen.

Die Neuigkeiten werden natürlich wieder hier veröffentlicht. Also, es lohnt sich immer mal wieder auf der Seite vorbeizuschauen oder sich auch in die Verteilerliste einzuschreiben (einfach eine Nachricht über Contact schicken).

Herzliche Grüße und einen guten Start in 2010. Stephan



Physical CD Melancholique is now available in Amazon and retail stores.


Die CD Melancholique ist ab sofort bei Amazon bestellbar oder auch auf Anfrage im stationären Handel wie z.B. den

Müller-Märkten erhätlich.


09.10.2009: Top 65 in Musicload



 21.08.2009 09.08.2009 

The album"Melancholique" ist from now on available as mp3 in the worldwide in i-Tunes, musicload, napster, amazonmp3 and other shops. The physical CD will soon be available in Amazon and CD baby. For shop-links and song examples visit the chapter "CD Releases/ Shops"
Das Album Melancholiqe ist bereits als Mp3 in den weltweiten downloadshops i-Tunes, Musicload, amazonmp3 etc. erhältlich. Die CD wird demächst in und CD Baby erhältlich sein bzw. auf Anfrage auch im stationären Handel wie z.B: Müller Drogeriemärkten.
Links zu den Downloadportalen sowie Hörproben zum neuen Album sind im nächsten Menüpunkt "CD Releases/shops" verfügbar
The manufacturing of the Melancholique CD has started ;-)




If you´re interested in the lyrics of the new songs, you might have a look in chapter CD Releases




Just a short message to all of you waiting and asking about  the Melancholique CD. Time is ticking now and I can tell you, that grapics are nearly finished and within the next 2 weeks production of the CD will start. The CD will be available as a hardcover book and with a beautiful and exclusive artwork. Within the next days you can  get a short insight here into the layout of the CD:)
Thanks again to all of you for your patience. Cheers. Stephan 


Let me wish all of you a sparkling 2009, a year full of good music and inspirations, good luck in all that you do, good health and fortune to last the whole year through!

As the year starts I´d like to thank all of you with a welcome present  - a free download of the song Time & Wisdom, which is one of the new songs of the forthcoming album "Melancholique" (release approx. april 2009). This free download will be available for 3 days - grab it  - share it and have much fun with it !!!

Cheers. Stephan

here´s the link to the song:



Good news for those who are waiting for the new album.
All songs have now been recorded and mixed and I can telll you: The result is really wonderful and it made me quiver more than one time during the recording session in the studio: great angelic female vocals by Meike - tender playing on the steinway grandpiano by Holger - sensitive and touching lines from the violoncello by Sebastian and some sophisticated and bright performed guitar lines by Ralf made it a great and emotional album.

Now all the songs have to get mastered and artwork still has to be done.
I exptext everything to be finished untill end of april 2009.
I´m looking forward to informing you again as soon as there are further news.

Please let me wish all of you a good start in an interesting and successful year 2009.
All the best

BTW, my favorites are Little Understanding and Time and Wisdom




A Secret Sense recorded 6 new songs at Hofa-Studios. Song examples will soon be

available at:



CD is now available in the world wide

iTunes stores



Today A Secret Sense signed a contract with  for physical CD Distribution



End of august A Secret Sense reached magical 10.000 Listens at since start in january.



Availability at cdbaby

The CD album "THE PIANO SOLO" is now available also at



In further shops available

Today I was informed that  A SECRET SENSE is already available on, and
Physical CD will furthermore be available at next week. Amazon will still take aprox. a month.


CD is now available at



Contract signed with

The CD "THE PIANO SOLO" will soon be distributed by cdbaby.



Contract signed with

A Secret Sense signed a contract with the dirstibutor phonector. Physical CD as well as Songdownloads will soon be available in the shop. Furthermore the CD will be listed in phononet and thus it can soon be baught on demand in every german CD shop. 




I can proudly announce today, that the finished CD´s are finally delivered. They will find their way today to the distributer and will then be available in the first shop aproximately within the next 2 weeks:)




Premaster is checked and forwarded to the pressing plant. This week artwork will also be finished. Additionally I´m checking several possibilities to make the music soon available on the leading digital music distribution companies as well as the leading distributers for physical CD´s.



We started working on artwork for the first CD "THE PIANO SOLO". Countdown for Release is ticking, but it will still take some weeks to have it finished...



A Secret Sense works on a new composition: "Answers" will be the next Song. Again a calm and melancholic piece and it will soon be available on



New instrumental piano songs available at




I´ve  just embedded a music player in the chapter CD Releases which allows you to listen to song examples from the -very soon ;-) - forthcoming album Melancholique. Feel free to copy the player widget and place it in your own homepage. We´re glad about every kind of support;-))


Breaking news: Today A Secret Sense´s album "Melancholique" has reached the Top 100 Album Charts in Musicload and reached the chart position 65. ...thanks to all of you helping to make this possible.
Sensationelle Neuigkeiten:
Das Album "Melancholique" hat heute die Top 100 der Musicload Album Charts erreicht und ist auf Platz 65.  Danke allen Hörern, die diese sensationelle Platzierung möglich gemacht haben.

Impressum: Stephan Prinz, Neuhauser Weg 23, 67549 Worms, 06241-970581  |